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Course ref 0617 - days of attendance:  2/3 November, and 8/9 December
Venue:  etc Marble Arch, 86-88 Edgware Road, London W2
Fee:  £1,050 + VAT

There is a 10% discount for bookings made before 2nd October (£945 + VAT)

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Brief description of this course

This is a multi-disciplinary construction project management course for architects, surveyors, designers and other managers in the construction industry.  It focuses on effective techniques and procedures for meeting clients' needs, avoiding problems and finding solutions throughout the project lifecycle.

By the end of the course, you will be analysing project situations and putting together complex plans based on your own developed judgement, balancing all the factors involved against one another. We shall be asking you to tackle case studies in which there is no single right answer, but a lot of scope for you to try out your skill in applying your new learning - the theory and tools of project management - to solve problems and get the best result out of an uncertain situation.

Our unique Team-IT method, developed at Reading University, is an established means of learning competence as well as knowledge.


The course will cover the methodology for projects of all sizes.

Distance learning elements are delivered online, including teaching materials and reference documents. During the course you will be expected to complete our own Project Management Handbook and Workbook. These are substantial reference documents which will be valuable to a practising Project Manager, intended to be worked through, and applied to the candidate's own work experience. The overall length of study is two to three months.  For the duration of the course, tutors will be available to help and guide you.

Who is it for?

This course is for those who are trained or have experience within a design profession or in construction management, and who want to improve their competence and be able to manage the process and lead the project team in a professional, skilled way.

Membership of the RIBA is not a requirement to attend the course.

Content outline and key topics

  • Project appraisal
  • Integration of design and management
  • BIM and the Project Team
  • CDM 2015
  • Communication & IT tools; change control
  • Environment & stakeholders
  • Value Management
  • Managing conflict & risk
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Principles of Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Projects and operations
  • Project lifecycle, inception through implementation to commissioning
  • Project review and close-out
  • Resource Management
  • Responsibilities of project personnel
  • Quality & quality management
  • Scheduling, planning & work definition
  • Teamwork
  • Sustainability

Course Format

4 days of face-to-face teaching (two modules of 2 days each held one month apart), distance learning modules and project work in a virtual team, final assessed assignment.

Module 1: Distance Learning 1: The Fundamentals

You are asked to complete two pieces of work before you come to the first face to face teaching element.

a) Read the first part of the Handbook (up to page 104).

b) Read through Part 1 of the Work Book, following the instructions carefully.

The Handbook and Work Book can be found in the Fundamentals section of the course literature.

Module 2: Two days of face-to-face teaching

Module 3: Distance Learning 2: Project Management Handbook and project work in a virtual team.

a) Complete reading the Handbook (p. 104 to the end) and work through Part 2 of the Work Book.

b) Project work in a virtual team - this will be explained during Module 2.

Module 4 Two days of face-to-face teaching

Module 5 Assessed assignment based on another case study

You will be given 6-8 weeks to complete and submit this.

Outcomes and benefits

The intended outcome is a professional level of competence, personal confidence and a demonstrable level of qualification in construction project management.

What the course is not

If you are looking for an undemanding course simply to fulfil CPD requirements, you might want to look elsewhere.

Award and Continuing Professional Development

On satisfactory completion of the course, you will be awarded the RIBA Certificate of Achievement in Construction Project Management.  This is also a CPD certificate and the course covers a number of the RIBA core curriculum subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions about this course

Can the course be taken as distance learning?

Our courses are already part distance learning. There are 'classroom based' modules, with modules of distance learning. We do not offer an all distance-learning format at present.

Can the course be taken on line?

No. Part of the course is distance learning but does require attendance at the 'classroom based' modules. The Standard course has two face-to-face teacing modules of 2 days each, the High Intensity course has one module of face-to-face teaching with extended distance learning elements.

Do I need a qualification to take this course?

No. You need to have had some experience of managing projects within the construction industry.

What experience do I need to attend the course?

You do not need to have any qualifications but you do need to have had some experience of working in the construction industry.

How long will the course take from start to finish?

The course take about 3 months overall. The final excercise is an assessed assignment for which we allow 6-8 weeks, but we are flexible on this to take account of indivudal work commitments and holidays.

Does the course have recognised qualifications at the end of it?

On satisfactory completion of the course, you will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement (the RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management). This is also a CPD certificate and the course covers a number of the RIBA core curriculum subjects. The course qualifies for 50 hours advanced CPD.

How many people on a course?

We limit the course to a maximum of 20 students.

I work in IT. Is this course right for me?

No. The course is designed for professionals who work in the construction industry.

Association for Project Management

The RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management Premium course is accredited by the APM. The APM say that "on satisfactory completion of this course, you can demonstrate that you have a good foundation knowledge of project management supported by evidence of relevant CPD as pre-qualification for your entry to the APM's Practitioner Qualification (PQ)".

Go to for more information on their qualifications and the routes to membership.

This course covers the considerable breadth of the project management discipline as it applies to the construction industry. I found it to be a steep learning curve with informative lectures plus background reading and challenging coursework assignments. It was well worth the effort when applying the tools in the context of a case study and appreciating how an operable management plan should be developed.

Beverley Brown, January 2017

The course provided a stepping stone in my career and now I am looking forward to going on to become a member of the APM. It was a great opportunity to meet people in different areas of construction too. A fter long experience in an architectural office, I have expanded my knowledge towards PM via your lectures and extensive reading that is required for the course. Although it was very challenging while working full time, it was worth it and great fun working on and preparing the presentations.
Thank you for your prompt appraisal and your guidance throughout the course and case studies.

Sun-mee Ban, April 2017

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